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  • RobTheBuilder 18 Oct 2012 23:47:18 6,976 posts
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    @FanBoysSuck It's on itunes? *looks* Cheers
  • FanBoysSuck 19 Oct 2012 09:23:35 1,636 posts
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    @RobTheBuilder lol Yeah I surprised too. I'm glad I looked before imported them from Japan!
  • Architect_z 30 Oct 2012 19:33:51 2,470 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    Mastodon - Nottingham, Rock City (2010?)

    Rage Against The Machine - Leeds festival & Download

    Foo Fighters - Milton Keynes Bowl (2011)

    To name a few.

    Any: Lamb of God, Down, Slipknot, Metallica, Opeth, Machine Head gig has always rocked.

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  • ILoveThrashMetal 30 Oct 2012 22:27:09 1,066 posts
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    Saw Devin Townsend the retinal circus at the roundhouse in Camden on Saturday, Jed from SYL made an appearance for 2 songs. Played all my favourite songs bar one so a 9.9 out of ten from moi
  • GiarcYekrub 6 Dec 2013 09:58:19 4,732 posts
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    I went to see Airbourne on Wednesday night at the 02 Academy Newcastle, absolutely epic. It's now Friday and ribs,shoulder,right knee and left calf still ache from the Mosh pit. If you know Airbourne you know every song Rocks.

    The atmosphere was electric, you know you in a room filled with like minded people when a large contingent of the crowd start singing along to "The Evil That Men Do" that was played as filler music while they setup and the support acts gear was removed.

    If you get the chance to see them, take it.
  • TheSaint 6 Dec 2013 10:02:21 17,476 posts
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    What eclectic taste you have.
  • Gunzberg 6 Dec 2013 10:08:37 2,290 posts
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    Muse @ Wembley. Was great and the fact that Lily Allen did the pre-show made my wife happy too.
  • themanfromdelmonte 6 Dec 2013 13:00:50 701 posts
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    Architect_z wrote:
    Mastodon - Nottingham, Rock City (2010?)
    Yup, Feb 23rd 2010. It's also on my list, which also includes.

    Metallica, Download festival 2004 and 2006
    The Prodigy, Dowload festival 2006
    Machinehead, Monsters of Rock 1995
    Mister Bungle
    One Minute Silence
    Dog Eat Dog, all at Rock City, NOTTS. In the late 90s
    Jeff Wayne's Musical version of The War of the Worlds live, few years ago (it was the 2nd tour run) Nottingham Ice Arena.
  • Deleted user 6 December 2013 13:02:58
    Smashing Pumpkins - Shepherd's Bush Empire, 2007
    GSYBE - ATP, Minehead, 2010
    Mogwai - Coal Exchange, Cardiff, 2006
    Iron Maiden - NEC, 2003(ish)
    Radiohead - O2 2012 (just because it was Radiohead)
  • Gambit1977 6 Dec 2013 13:03:04 10,396 posts
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    still has to be Ryan Adams this year. Superb. Although my very first, Carter USM has fond memories :D
  • mikew1985 6 Dec 2013 13:12:10 14,473 posts
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    Hmm, Ryan Adams, been to so many of his gigs but really haven't kept up with his output since Easy Tiger.

    Presume he has about ten new albums since then, any use?
  • PazJohnMitch 6 Dec 2013 13:15:40 13,127 posts
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    Registered 10 years ago
    Rammstein: Brixton (Stage show is awesome in a small venue).
    Muse: Rock Werchter
    Pink: Rock Werchter (And I don't like Pink)
    Beastie Boys: (Roundhouse? In Camden)
    Tool: Wembley Arena?
    Alice in Chains: Alexander Palace (Current favourite live band).
    System of a Down: Hammersmith.
    Pearl Jam: Manchester (and Werchter)
    Metallica: O2 (Always great but I got to sit down this time, should post in old man thread)
    Skunk Anansie: Brixton?
    Dream Theater: Royal Albert Hall?
  • PazJohnMitch 6 Dec 2013 13:17:23 13,127 posts
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    RedSparrows wrote:
    Iron Maiden - NEC, 2003(ish)
    That was my first ever gig! Best stage show I have seen of theirs.
  • rtk79 6 Dec 2013 13:29:21 510 posts
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    AMM as a trio (Keith Rowe on prepared guitar, Eddie Prevost on percussion and John Tilbury on piano), ten years ago, in a small jazz club in France, amazing stuff. Look them up. Close seconds: Evan Parker by himself with his luminous soprano saxophone in a modern arts museum, and Bach's Saint John's Passion on period instruments in a Gothic Abbey, Philippe Herreweghe conducting. Better than rock & roll, folks.

    Fun fact: Keith Rowe was a major influence on Syd Barrett in the early days (Interstellar Overdrive etc.).

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  • Rhaegyr 6 Dec 2013 13:43:55 4,020 posts
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    Swans - Leeds Uni
    The Libertines - Brixton Academy
    Jeff Magnum - Primavera
    Fucked Up/Titus Andronicus - Brudenell Social Club
    M83 - Manchester Deaf Centre
  • StrikeForce 6 Dec 2013 14:05:41 182 posts
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    The one gig that will stay with me forever: the Low Anthem at Norwich Arts Centre. Spine-tingling brilliance.
  • spindle9988 6 Dec 2013 14:41:59 4,650 posts
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    The Who

    Wembley arena back in 2000/2001
  • Gambit1977 6 Dec 2013 14:42:55 10,396 posts
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    Registered 10 years ago
    @mikew1985 to be honest he played a lot of older stuff, only one song off Gold as well! Brilliant gig though, back in April. He eclipsed The smashing pumpkins (Mellon collie tour) and that was fantastic.

    Oh, and I think it's closer to 20 :D he actually just sang an off the cuff song about a loaf of bread after someone shouted it randomly. The band was made up of the old school, and superb too. Some great sporadic moments.
  • Deleted user 6 December 2013 15:56:35
    Rush at the (Dublin) O2, May 2011 - 3.5 hour set (including "Moving Pictures" played in its entirety), and a few songs from their (then) upcoming best album since the early 80s. That did quite nicely.

    Cynic at Vicar Street (Dublin), November 2008 - Never, ever thought I'd get to see them live, and on the eve of the launch of their second album too. Blew Opeth clean off stage that nite.

    Suffocation, Fibber Magee's (Dublin), April 2008 - One of the most legendary death metal bands on the planet, in a fucking pub in Dublin. Without doubt the most intense and visceral gig I've ever attended.

    Tori Amos - Vicar Street, May 2005 - Just her, straddling a chair with pianos either side. She apparently played a completely different set the night before. Had the place eating out of her hand, unreal stage presence.

    George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars (Electric Picnic, Co. Laois), August 2008 - After a day and a half of solid partying, the Saturday headliner should have been greeted by people asleep on their feet. Instead, it kicked off thousands of people funking and grooving around a giant field well into the small hours.
  • ILoveThrashMetal 6 Dec 2013 16:11:30 1,066 posts
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    Pantera at Brixton. In the 90s, don't remember the year, just a haze, all I remember is weed, beer,and the metallic taste of blood and a huge fucking grin.
  • DrStrangelove 6 Dec 2013 19:44:25 11,649 posts
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    The first gig I was on was Dimmu Borgir in 1997.

    Supporting act #2 was In Flames.
  • BeebleB 6 Dec 2013 19:54:29 1,266 posts
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    Sigur ros 2005, Manchester Lowry and bjork at reading 95
  • crimpy 6 Dec 2013 21:18:36 71 posts
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    Registered 10 years ago
    Mad Dog Mcrea Great live :) []

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  • neil74 6 Dec 2013 21:21:57 2,310 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    Not trendy to admit as there a lot of people who think they can score music cred points by saying how rubbish they are.

    Coldplay at the emirates, one of the best things I have seen in truth, they were terrific.
  • magicpanda 6 Dec 2013 21:27:34 14,635 posts
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    The Marley Brothers doing the 30th anniversary of Exodus as Glastonbury was a winner.

    Foo Fighters at Wembley

    Prodigy at Big Love in 1993 is my favourite.
  • dunny 6 Dec 2013 21:43:03 537 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    Small Temper, 2012
  • Surferrosa 6 Dec 2013 21:44:45 471 posts
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    Pixies - The Barrowlands (Glasgow - 1990). Amazing band. Fantastic gig.
  • vijay_UK 6 Dec 2013 23:36:22 3,961 posts
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    Registered 8 years ago
    Prince, at Earls Court. A long time ago.
  • beastmaster 6 Dec 2013 23:42:02 17,785 posts
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    The Stone Roses - Heaton Park.

    The gig of my lifetime. Won't get any better than that. The whole day with my friends from school just made it really something special as did the atmosphere. Every pub we went into were playing their music and it was even on the tram getting there.

    Honourable mentions

    Foo Fighters -Epic. They played for hours
    Roisin Murphy - Surreal

    A few others but too tired having just come back from White Lies. They were bloody good.

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  • Humperfunk 6 Dec 2013 23:48:57 7,204 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    Alice in Chains - Alexandra Palace last month
    Interpol - Astoria 2007
    Radiohead - O2 October 2012. Had tickets to see them in Berlin but was cancelled after the death in Canada, which is fair enough of course :(

    Oh and Foos at Reading 2012, was an unbelievably pleasant surprise.

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