World of Warcraft can only be defeated by time

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  • CoS_Ethan 5 Jun 2012 03:57:15 54 posts
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    Many people are talking about which game can beat World of Warcraft - SWTOR?, Guild Wars? and then Elder Scrrolls OL? I just think they are missing the key point, WoW can only be replaced by itself, I mean Blizzard, age is its main problem. WoW is an industry-chaning product when Blizzard released it in 2004, eight years later, it still dominates the MMORPG industry and seals about 10 million subscribers. It has popular player-generated communities, it's easy to play and most of the content is casual for all kinds of players.

    In fact, most people who say XXX can replace WoW have a wrong perspective for such boring gusess, no single game can beat WoW to death, just like no singe one or a small 5-member team can simply kill a powerful Raid Boss. I barely think that WoW will be beaten even 5 or 6 games become allies 'cause I doubt the ally relationships.

    Want to mention some other successful MMOs, several of them were crowned with WoW killer by some people when released:

    Guild Wars, LOTRO, RIFT, SWTOR, Aion

    The list is telling us that we do have more choices on top of WoW, RIFT has massive dynamic events, SWTOR has epic stoylines, LOTRO and Aion now go to free-to-play. Let alone some exciting features embraced by new coming TERA and Guild Wars 2. This does mean that in a long time WoW has more and more challenges in front, and Blizzard has to do something to persuade its players to stay. The sure thing the MMO game which can replace WoW does not exist now (SWTOR is doing well, it has 1.7 million subscribers), not in the future either. If you tell me Elder Scrolls Online is the ONE, then you just pull the trigger for another boring debate. Well, just not gonna happen.

    Your thoughts?

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  • Deleted user 5 June 2012 07:35:56
    That's the shit thing about time, it really drags when you don't want it to.
  • silentbob 5 Jun 2012 08:30:26 29,490 posts
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    You seem to suggest that the MMO games industry is waiting breathlessly for Blizzard to make a move, as if it all depends on WoW to sustain MMOs as viable commercial platforms.

    Meanwhile, GW2, EVE et al have already outgrown WoW in creative and artistic endeavour. Whilst WoW languishes creatively under it's own heavy burdon of success, other titles are pushing the MMO genre forward ensuring it has a future.

    So, in short, we don't need a successor to WoW - that is in fact the last thing we need and will probably be the last thing we get. I'm grateful for this.

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  • Deleted user 5 June 2012 10:22:33
    WoW isn't even the most popular MMO.
  • Deleted user 21 January 2017 15:02:32
    SWTOR has the best chance and they rushed it out the door with a half finished and moded engine that killed the game before it got going, 1 FPS in the fleet and the horrible PVP "world" experience long ass load times x 3 to get to a planet.

    GW2 lost the plot it went full WoW lite instead of sticking to what made GW1 so good, GW2 is the most shallow unrewarding game I had the misfortune of playing.

    ESO good on paper bad in reality, its a MASSIVE world don't get me wrong but suffers the MMOnes that spoils the ES world that players are used to, patch's and dlc have brought some of it closer though.

    AION was never a WOW killer lol grindy ass MMO only saving grace was pretty graphics and wings!

    Rift was interesting it took the GW1 sub class and expanded on it you could have a beastwarrior warrior, ie a warrior class with a pet, only it took it self to serious and was very poe faced about the whole thing, still remember fighting the world boss at level 1-3 on day one :p

    WoW has the rose tinted value to it, I played it for over 8 years, the last expacs are a good way to kill the game, less content bigger price, WoD was a complete mess in terms of story and in what players had to do at the level cap, they just repeated the same in Legion just changed the names of it...

    WoW is like the Wii right time right place. released at any other time it wouldn't got so big imo.
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