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  • smoothpete 13 May 2013 09:41:15 31,014 posts
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    Pretty much just played GeoGuess all weekend
  • Kanjin 13 May 2013 23:58:19 960 posts
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    It's hilarious. And rather fun and clever. Occasionally it crashes on loading screens and I'm currently stuck on the stage puzzle. Goddamn hot air baloons.

    Got it from the Indie Bundle, worth it!
  • onestepfromlost 14 May 2013 01:50:25 1,962 posts
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    still playing skyrim. game playing about to go on pause to study
  • warlockuk 14 May 2013 08:33:46 19,101 posts
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    Just started the Back to the future adventure games after having them for ages; plenty of laughs - as far as the adventure side goes it isn't that difficult or imaginative just yet, but still really enjoyable.

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  • DUFFMAN5 14 May 2013 08:53:34 13,797 posts
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    Far Cry 3
    Excellent game, I had started it upon release, but stopped (and sold/traded of course!) due to playing Gears of war2/3 ALL the time.
    I played and beat FC3 Blood Dragon a couple of weeks back, which made me want to play Far Cry again, so I did and I am, and it is rather good indeed. Completed i.r.o 25% around 16 hours in I think.

    Demo, certainly has enough about it for me to want to play it, although it will be a rental.

    Gears Of War Judgment
    Still playing this and no doubt will play the MP side of things for months to come.

    June is reserved for The Last Of Us ;)

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  • Widge Moderator 14 May 2013 09:17:06 12,582 posts
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    Catherine and Deus EX HR ... STILL.

    25 hours of Deus EX has been done now. Plotwise - the game is turd, I haven't been involved with the storyline on any level beyond "go to the mission markers" since about halfway through Hong Kong. I do like the actual gameplay though - being fairly stealthy, I am enjoying plotting my paths across a room in a Metal Gear style.

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  • Deleted user 14 May 2013 09:24:23
    Metal Gear 2- SOL

    Only a couple of hours into it, controls feel horrific! really fucking weird. Got used to them to some degree. Only in the engine room thus far, but starting to enjoy it. HD conversion is pretty nice.
  • drhcnip 14 May 2013 09:42:09 2,261 posts
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    just started tales of graces f after finishing riptide....nice change of pace....
  • Wolves1877 18 May 2013 02:26:35 383 posts
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    ZombieU - Loving it so far after picking a wii U up 2 days ago.

  • Raiko101 18 May 2013 03:14:17 5,522 posts
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    Mutant Mudds

    I'm glad I got this one on discount because it's not the biggest game out there. It's taken me about 3 hours to complete the 20 standard levels and find at least 20 of the bonus levels. The others I just can't figure out how to reach. It's a tough game though! Not one for the impatient.

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  • TechnoHippy 19 May 2013 09:51:21 14,636 posts
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    I'm onto Dragons Dogma - Dark Arisen, which is fun so far.

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  • Trafford 19 May 2013 11:49:42 5,269 posts
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    Terraria on PS3, I think I'm falling in love.

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  • santashi 19 May 2013 13:21:36 4,926 posts
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    Playing Gravity Rush and Etrian Odyssey IV at the moment, and finding both very enjoyable. Gravity Rush is charming with some wonderful music, while Etrian Odyssey IV has some brilliant additions to the formula.

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  • Baihu1983 19 May 2013 13:26:01 2,833 posts
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    Started to replay Hitman Absolution to finish off the challenges and the damn thing froze on me while saving causing me to lose everything for a 3rd time. :evil:
  • addyb 19 May 2013 13:48:17 834 posts
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    Started some borderlands 2 dlc last night on the pc. Will flick between that and blood dragon until donkey Kong turns up for my 3DS next week :)

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  • YenooR 19 May 2013 13:56:11 526 posts
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    Just started Chronicles of Riddick Dark Athena. Enjoying it so far playing as Riddick is cool.
  • Wolves1877 19 May 2013 14:31:01 383 posts
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    Lego City Undercover on Wii U.

  • Darth_Flibble 19 May 2013 19:30:11 1,504 posts
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    Metro: last light - great game

    Two worlds 2: Its ok under some dumb game design. All the developers did for Hard enemies was crank up the damage they do to ridcilous levels. Had to get the chapter 1 boss stuck on the scenery and shoot arrows at till it dead. Shame as it a good western rpg although it looks a bit ropey
  • Folant 19 May 2013 19:40:12 1,142 posts
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    Dirt 3

    Wtf is with all this point stuff?

    I get a racing game, I want racing, not Tony Hawks with cars.

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  • kentmonkey 19 May 2013 20:48:13 20,070 posts
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    Ni No Kuni

  • RyanDS 19 May 2013 21:03:53 8,694 posts
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    PS3: Still Black Ops 2, just reached 2nd Prestige. First game in 20 years of gaming that I have got involved in multiplayer.
    Also on PS3 Ni No Kuni. charming, but rather plodding.

    360: Skyrim on and off.

    Vita: Everybody's Golf

    3DS: Luigis Mansion - Hmm... looks lovely, but gameplay not really grabbing me.
  • jonharrispro 19 May 2013 21:07:11 395 posts
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    Assassins Creed 3 - Loving the Naval missions.
    Have just received Mass Effect 1,2 and 3 so will be giving them a crack after. That will probably fill up the rest of my year knowing how big the Mass Effect Games are.
  • brseg 19 May 2013 22:41:48 679 posts
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    I've started Blood Dragon, but tbh I spent more time playing Motocross Madness - which I really like. Which is odd since I didnt like Pure or similar games.
  • Flying_Pig 19 May 2013 22:54:42 10,270 posts
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    PS3: Unfinished Swan - only started this afternoon, but fantastic so far. Sticking to little bite-size games after playing Borderlands 2 constantly for 6 months.

    PS Vita: Soul Sacrifice - great so far. I've never really connected with the genre before, but am really enjoying this. Difficulty means that no battle is a cake-walk, but not too frustrating either :)

    And Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery - stress-free gaming to break up the intensity of SS. Lovely game - a bargain at £1.59!
  • SparkyMarky81 19 May 2013 23:05:55 527 posts
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    Still playing Dark Souls and Fifa pretty much exclusively. Both have unbelievable longevity and give me all the gaming pleasure I need.

    I had a go with Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen but I'm not particularly impressed with it. I completed the original and enjoyed it, but the expansion is a sub-par Dark Souls and just isn't fun to me.
  • CosmicFuzz 20 May 2013 08:02:36 21,211 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    The Witcher, just started chapter 2 but enjoying it quite a bit. Geralt is a bad ass.

    Thomas Was Alone on Vita, really loving this. Very charming and great bitesize chunks.

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  • Telepathic.Geometry 20 May 2013 08:40:49 11,114 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    Bioshock. Again. And loving the shit out of it. Again. Also mopping up challenges in From Dust. Man, if it weren't for the occasionally retarded tribesmen, I'd rate this game 10/10. It's been a long time since I enjoyed a RTS game so much...

    Waiting for my copy of Metro to arrive...

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  • shamblemonkee 20 May 2013 09:26:25 14,036 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago
    Dragons dogma dark arisen. Playing the whole thing through from scratch again now that I understand the systems and classes more. Still really enjoying it. Any sequel will be day 1 for me
  • hypoBla5t 20 May 2013 12:49:29 1,263 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    Persona 3 Portable
    DiRT 2
    Mortal Kombat 9

    Gone a bit retro there haven't I?
  • pigsy2400 20 May 2013 12:52:59 153 posts
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    Registered 10 years ago
    as stupid as this sounds,... I am playing Populous on a mega drive emulator!

    its got me hook line and sinker, like it did the 1st time around on the Atari ST 520!
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