Opposing Fronts demo inbound

War of what you love.

THQ and Relic have enlisted a new demo for Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts to the ranks of the Internet.

It fills its uniform at 2GB, and whisks you back off to World War II as us Allies floated en masse down behind enemy lines in Operation Market Garden, before being plucked out of the sky in an elaborate game of duck hunt by the Germans.

You fill the metal seats of the Panzer division in this case, and get to sample a couple of missions from the full game.

Opposing Fronts is a standalone expansion for Company of Heroes that was released back in September. Along with the Panzer division you get to play as the Brits liberating Caen in France. We swear more, too, thus better.

There are numerous other bits and bobs, but it is these two differing factions that bring the most refreshments to the table. It is a little less accessible than the original campaign and suffers because of it. However, a definite try for those even mildly interested, even if its single-player is but a stepping stone to the main multiplayer event.

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