The Matrix: Path of Neo trailer

Game's out today.

Fans of The Matrix (you LOVE The Matrix! I've seen you! With your Matrix!) will want to check out a new addition to Eurofiles today: a Path of Neo trailer. It's available through whichever of these words we've made into a hyperlink.

Path of Neo, released today on PS2, Xbox and PC, puts players in control of Neo, and sees him pounding his way through the plot of the three films, with the occasional sojourn into made-up-extra-bit territory and a new ending, preceded by the Wachowski brothers randomly wandering into the game and explaining themselves. Quite a sight.

Our full review will be up soon. (Small preview: we like the fighting, we don't like some of the other bits.) In the meantime, go ahead and download the trailer! You know you One to.

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