New Dawn of War expansion

Soulstorm flashes credentials.

Soulstorm will be the third expansion in the acclaimed Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War series.

The standalone pack is co-developed by Relic and Iron Lore Entertainment (of Titan Quest fame), and is due to release sometime next spring.

It will add two new factions to the real-time strategy mix - one has been named as the Dark Eldar - and well introduce air units, multiplayer medal achievements, and wars that span across different planets. All that from a little lead figure and fiddly pot of paint. Well I never.

"In Dawn of War - Soulstorm, we've taken Games Workshop's epic war from one planet to an entire star system," said Tarrnie Williams, big dreadnought-like chief at Relic.

"Allowing gamers to play nine unique races, introducing air units and providing multiplayer achievements for the first time creates a tremendous amount of new and challenging strategic gameplay for all players."

Dawn of War originally launched in 2004. Relic followed it up a year later with first expansion Winter Assault, before adding Dark Crusade to the series in 2006.

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