High Voltage's gladiator Wii game dated

Tournament of Legends here in May.

SEGA's stamped a May release date on High Voltage's new gladiator game for Wii.

And it's no longer known as Gladiator AD, but as Tournament of Legends.

Fight using characters from mythology like a Minotaur or a Valkyrie or even a gladiator like Maxmius Crowe. They each have weapons of legend, as well as spells and special abilities like summoning nests of snakes or lions that eat people.

Controls are based on dual-wielding the Wiimote and nunchuk. Last May, High Voltage said Wii MotionPlus would be supported to add variance to attacks. There's no mention of it here. We were also told that the game would be brutal and bloody.

We're promised a pretty picture thanks to High Voltage's Quantum 3 engine, and there will be mini-game variations on the theme to break up the action. Oh and a training mode, too.

High Voltage was the outspoken developer behind The Conduit, a multiplayer FPS exclusive to Wii. Our review of The Conduit can fill you in on the rest.

Head over to our Tournament of Legends gallery for a look.

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