Gunpey for Europe

Publisher finally confirmed.

The speculation as to who will be publishing Q Entertainment's musical-puzzler across Europe is finally at an end (if it ever began).

Atari has taken the reins, proposing a release date of March 2007.

Both versions will include wireless head-to-head play, as well as game modes such as Single Screen, Double Screen, Break Rule, Time Attack, and more.

Naturally each console will brandish unique features. The PSP will allow players to collect 40 different skins in the Challenge Mode, before becoming a "Gunpey DJ" and mixing two together in Double Skin mode.

The DS will let you create your own tracks via the Sound Sets and Patternizer, and will give you access to special moves that will disrupt your opponents in multiplayer battles.

Gunpey challenges you to organise tiles on a grid so that the lines drawn on them link up horizontally across the playing area, at which point they disappear. Each action by the player will change the game's music, giving those of you who are strangely skilful the chance to create your very own musical performance.

It was confirmed for Europe last July, and is already available in both Japan and the US. Though Tom's guesses as to who would handle the game here were outrageously wrong and suitably ridiculed, his predictions on a release date were worryingly accurate. Guestimating a year isn't particularly difficult but, nevertheless, we still remain rather scared of his unique abilities.

Meanwhile you can take a look at the latest screenshots for the PSP and DS versions of the game.

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