Crystal Defenders on XBLA this week

Tower defence joins Peggle on the slate.

Peggle will be joined by Crystal Defenders on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow morning.

Like Peggle, you'll be asked to pay 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60) for the privilege of owning it, but of course will have a demo version to help make your mind up.

Crystal Defenders is a tower defence effort from Square Enix, in which you deploy characters borrowed from Final Fantasy Tactics A2 to take out enemies as they traipse along a path through the single-screen level.

It's a single-player game, with various modes that present increasingly complex variations. W1 is the basic setup, W2 introduces Power Crystals and W3 has the harshest monsters and terrain to worry about.

Crystal Defenders is also due out on WiiWare (it's already available in Japan) and PlayStation Network in the nearish future.

Meanwhile, fans of The Maw will also be able to download a new level called River Redirect tomorrow for 100 MSP (GBP 0.85 / EUR 1.20).

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