XBLA exclusive Crimson Alliance unveiled

By COD, Halo map pack dev Certain Affinity.

Age of Booty developer Certain Affinity has unveiled Crimson Alliance, an Xbox Live Arcade action RPG due out in the summer.

Three classes are available: the Assassin, Wizard and Mercenary. Each has five special abilities, upgraded over time. Specialising is how you customise your character. Co-op is for up to four friends on the same Xbox 360 or over Live. You can create chain attacks that combine class abilities.

Certain Affinity said it's work on Call of Duty and Halo it's responsible for various map packs released over the last few years helped it tackle the action RPG genre. "One of the reasons I started Certain Affinity was because I wanted to make a game like this an action RPG with clever AI, fantastic physics and deep emergent gameplay that can be enjoyed with friends in the living room or halfway across the globe," said boss Max Hoberman.

"Crimson Alliance is that game, finally!"

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