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Broken Sword! Alpha Protocol! Deus Ex!

Wired Xbox 360 Controller [Black] - 15.99 delivered

This is the cheapest price I've ever seen for an official Xbox 360 controller. It's a wired one, so it's ideal for using on a PC or a 360. These pads are probably the closest we'll ever get to universal support on the PC, with more and more games supporting them (and being configured properly) out of the box.

The d-pad is a bit naff and it's a little too easy to click the sticks for my liking, but otherwise the 360 pad is one of the better traditional gaming controllers out there.

Deal of the Week

Deus Ex: Human Revolution [Augmented Edition], PC Deal no longer available, was 25.91.

Update: Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available. However, Amazon is now offering the Limited Edition on PC for 26.79

Last week the best price going for this was in the 40 region, but now Amazon is offering pre-orders of the Augmented Edition for 42 per cent off the RRP. The game ain't out til August but you can whet your appetite with Will's preview from last week. Sounds a bit bloody good, basically.

Amazon's Pre-order Price Guarantee means that if they increase the price between now and release, as long as you order now, you'll pay the lower figure. In the highly unlikely event of them dropping the price further, your order will be automatically discounted.

Multiple solutions in action.

If you'd prefer to save a bit of money by plumping for the standard version instead, Coolshop have the standard edition for 23.99 delivered - although 1.92 for an OST, artbook, Making Of DVD and in-game tat sounds worth it to me.

Also of note this week...

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