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PS3 vs. 360 face-off.

In single-player, though, there are odd moments at regular intervals in each song where the backing dancers disappear. You're left standing alone on the stage, looking and feeling like a lemon for a few seconds before the dancers magically return in a cloud of sparkly smoke.

The reason for this becomes apparent when trying out the multiplayer mode. Turns out these are the points at which you must step out of Kinect's line of sight to make way for another player (your team-mate if you're playing co-operatively, or opponent if you're having a Battle).

As with Dance Central, there's no simultaneous multiplayer option it's all turn-based. This isn't a huge problem but it does feel like a bit of a shame that you can't dance together, and having to switch places all the the time spoils the flow.

The PS3 version, in contrast, lets you sing or dance at the same time as other players. However, you're stuck with which ever option you pick for the duration of the song. This is where the Xbox 360 game has a trick up its sleeve: Master Performances.

These switch things up, getting you to perform a short section of the dance routine before belting out a quick verse, and repeat. Perfect for those who are not only amazing dancers but also spectacular singers, like myself.

If you're thinkin' about my baby, it don't matter if you're black or white. As long as you're under never mind.

But unlike the PS3 game, the 360 one doesn't bother recording any video clips of your performance. After it's over you get to see a couple of random Kinect snapshots, but there is no way to upload or save these. History weeps.

Still. Once again it comes down to this: superb pop songs and amazing choreography, wrapped up in a package which could be more polished and comprehensive but which does the job. Good times.


The Verdict

So the PS3 game just has the edge but only just, and in this case it really does come down to personal taste. These games are almost as enjoyable and flawed as each other, just in different ways.

Yes, if I had to pick one, I'd choose the PS3 version. This is because I enjoy the silly, showy-offy aspects of dancing games. The fancier routines and video options suit me better. I also find it's a lot easier to get reluctant players involved if they can dance with you rather than having to take turns, and the public humiliation of others is a big thing for me.

But if I was the type who my took dancing a bit more seriously, if I wanted to be properly evaluated on my skills, and if I had more confident friends, I'd pick the Xbox 360 game.

The version you should pick up depends on your personal preferences. Do pick one up, though, if you're any kind of fan of dancing games, karaoke or Michael Jackson. Nutty as the contents of a squirrel's fridge, but you can't deny the man made a good pop song.

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