GAME's 190 Nintendo 3DS trade-in price

If you trade it in by 25th April.

Shop GAME will give you a trade-in price of 190 on the 196.99 Nintendo 3DS if you bring it back within a month of buying it.

This price is guaranteed only if you trade the Nintendo 3DS in by 25th April, MCV reports.

There are a few conditions, however. The order must be placed online, and you must keep hold of your packing receipt. GAME's in-store Nintendo 3DS price is 220.

If you want to trade for cash, you'll get 180 effectively meaning the Nintendo 3DS, which goes on sale on 25th March, costs 17 to rent for a month from GAME.

It's all part of GAME's Play Now / Trade Later offer. A similar promotion was attached to Atari's online-enabled racer Test Drive Unlimited 2 GAME guaranteed a buy back price of 34.99 on the 40 quid game.

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