No More Heroes PS3 gets US release

New Move control scheme, bosses added.

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise – an HD revamp of Suda51's Wii action adventure – will hit US stores in 2011 with Move compatibility and new content.

Originally published by Rising Star in the UK and Ubisoft in the US, Konami has taken over the reins this time out.

For the uninitiated, No More Heroes sees you guide arch-jerk Travis Touchdown to the top of Santa Destroy's assassin leaderboard, by slicing your way though hordes of goons with a glowing neon sword.

The Wii original scored a commendable 8/10 at the hands of Eurogamer's Tom Bramwell back in 2008.

Whereas the original saw you swinging away with the Wii Remote, Heroes Paradise adds Move and Dualshock 3 support. PlayStation gamers will also get a handful of new boss fights too.

Grasshopper Manufacture's remake has already hit Japanese shelves, but failed to make much of an impact.

A European release has not been confirmed as of yet, neither has an Xbox 360 version, despite the fact that one launched in Japan.

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