App of the Day: Zaga-33

@'s been a gaming superstar since 1980, climbing up from the keyboard - where he had spent a quiet, rather mild-mannered life, resting above '2' and waiting for email to be invented - and jumping into the screen itself, ready to explore dank caves and castle keeps, sip mysterious potions, and battle monsters. Let's hear it for @, everybody. Let's hear it for Rogue.

Let's hear it for Roguelikes, too, the procedurally-generated, brutally punishing dungeon-crawlers that have spent the last 30 years inflicting minimalist horrors and ASCII torture on foolhardy players around the world.

Like permadeath? Enjoy randomised loot? Got a pen and paper handy to keep track of things? You're ready to play a Roguelike. My prognosis: pain.

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