Without Warning

CiRCLE Studio to close doors?

Sources say yes, boss says no.

The future of Without Warning developer CiRCLE Studio looks unclear today after several sources told GamesIndustry.biz that the company is to close - a report which has been disputed by CEO Jeremy Heath-Smith.

Without Warning

Without Warning

It should come with one.

Terrorist training camps: should we be frightened of them?

Empirical evidence tends to support the argument that these things are scary. In the cuckoo world of Without Warning, however, things are different. Here, terrorists are taught to hide behind explosive barrels, that running from side to side will outfox the infidel, that looking directly at the ground when patrolling is important because THAT'S WHERE THEY'LL GET YOU, and that just because the enemy has destroyed a crate and it is no longer there you shouldn't feel stupid crouching where it used to be because this will provide ample cover. Moreover, you should always announce your presence by yelling "For the cause!" or something equally terrifying in order to unsettle the enemy, especially if you are a suicide bomber whose potency is only guaranteed if the enemy hasn't spotted you coming forty yards away.

And, to be fair, running from side to side does outfox the infidel's lock-on from time to time.

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Without Warning

We go hands-on with Circle's first post-Lara project.

More than two years has passed since the mushroom cloud that was Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness erupted over the gaming populace, annihilating about five million dreams in the process. But while the motes of dust refuse to settle over that particular thorny issue, and a Toby Gard-inspired Crystal Dynamics continue to re-invent and reanimate the Lara undercroft from scratch, most of the Core Design team behind that particular gaming legacy upped sticks and moved onto pastures new - quarter of a mile away, in fact.