Urbain Trials

Urban Trial Freestyle review

Urban Trial Freestyle review

Trials and error.

There's not much point getting too bent out of shape about copycat games. From its earliest days, churning out arcade cabinets, this has always been an iterative medium driven by the steady evolution of core ideas and occasional bursts of genuine innovation. Even so, that doesn't mean that the more blatant magpies don't stand out.

RedLynx certainly didn't create the physics-based motocross genre, but it can take the credit for refining, polishing and nurturing it in the hugely popular Trials series. With the console version of Trials firmly pressed to Microsoft's powdery bosom, Tate Interactive's offering for Sony's consoles may plug a commercial hole - but it doesn't even come close to sniffing the fumes from RedLynx's thundering exhaust.

So much so that it's almost impossible to review Urban Trial Freestyle without constantly comparing it to Trials. It's tiresome, but not unfair, since this is less of an entry in the same genre and more of an outright cover version, right down to the grungy aesthetic and ragdoll mini-games.

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Is PSN's Urban Trials more than a Trials rip-off?

"I can't say that we weren't inspired by it in some way."

If imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery then it's highly likely there was a swell of blushing cheeks in RedLynx's Helsinki office when Urban Trials was properly unveiled last year. A side-scrolling race against the clock that hurls a motocross bike through a series of improbable obstacles, it's not exactly hard to pinpoint where Polish developer Tate Media got the idea for its PSN-bound game.