Tiny Heroes

App of the Day: Tiny Heroes

App of the Day: Tiny Heroes

Perfectly formed.

Forget Populous. Forget Fable. Forget The Movies. (You'd forgotten that one anyway.) For me, Peter Molyneux's finest work remains his 1997 strategy effort, Dungeon Keeper.

In which, fellow old buffers may recall, you got to design and manage your own dungeons. These were populated by armies of imps you could smack about in an hilarious fashion. A superbly crafted, brilliantly addictive game, Dungeon Keeper provided entertainment during a summer when you couldn't turn on the TV without encountering the words "Paris tunnel" or that video of Natalie Imbruglia moping about in a hoodie.

I remember the game with such fondness I recently found myself searching for "like Dungeon Keeper" when looking for a new app to play. (Yes, Apple, until you sort out the way Store content is presented, we are reduced to Googling 15 year-old Peter Molyneux games. Well done.) That's how I came across Tiny Heroes.

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