Time Surfer

Time Surfer review

Time Surfer review

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The endless runner is surely the platformer of our age, if only in the way in which breakout successes have led to a huge field of champs and also-rans. The bar is always getting higher, in other words, and yet Time Surfer sails over it effortlessly. It may have obvious influences, but it makes something new from them.

The most obvious are Tiny Wings and Jetpack Joyride. Time Surfer's randomised 2D world is filled with deep curves to dive into and shoot out of, woven through with a challenge-based levelling system and a plethora of unlockables. The twist is in giving you the most potent tool possible in a high-score game: a way to fix mistakes.

Time Surfer grants you the ability to rewind the last few seconds of play and, far from being a gimmick, this defines the experience, allowing its layouts to be considerably more fiendish and packed than you might expect. Rewinding uses up energy (shown at the top of the screen), but this is easily refilled by picking up the crystals scattered around - so it's always an easy decision to push the button. Correcting a bad approach angle, diving down to snaffle a piece of cake, or erasing an ugly death from the record books; it's an all-purpose get-out-of-jail-free card.

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