This Could Hurt

App of the Day: This Could Hurt

App of the Day: This Could Hurt

Press screen to not die.

In most games you essentially act as your avatar's brain, using your fingers and thumbs to send electrical impulses to their body and limbs: run here, jump there, climb this, pull that. In This Could Hurt, the latest game to roll off the prolific Chillingo production line, you have but one command to issue to your plucky hero: stop.

Apart from his blue quiff, the protagonist is a fairly old-school adventurer, complete with tunic, red neckerchief, tights and thick brown boots. He's an apprentice, training to become an Oakguard, the protectors of a magical tree that sustains life in a quiet village, and he's about to take his final test before he gets the job.

And it's a tough one. His task is to walk the Path of Pain, a series of dangerous obstacle courses filled with the kind of hazards that suggest the Oakguard elders have been playing a lot of Rick Dangerous or Super Meat Boy recently. Little wonder the boy carries a permanently anxious look on his face.

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