Swords of Destiny

Swords of Destiny

When Sony's marketing juggernaut stopped off at the post-E3 diner for a (currently undigested) slice of humble pie, it's a safe bet that their autopsy of that disastrous conference lingered for a moment on Genji 2. Don't get me wrong, there may be potential not yet realised in both the game and the PS3, but that hasn't stopped us all having a hearty laugh at flipping over giant enemy crabs and attacking their weak point for massive damage, engaging in spuriously authentic Japanese battles, and marvelling at such innovative features as real-time weapon change.

Those Genji lads might just be onto something with that last one, though. For, you see, when switching weapons in the creaky old PS2's Swords of Destiny, you first have to wait impatiently on a game-breaking load-screen as each is unsheathed from its digital scabbard (a wait that's unavoidable because, for some reason, nearly every weapon you own can only take a few hits before it becomes blunt and ineffective). Until the next-gen-starts-because-we-say-it-does, then, we'll just have to put up with irritating load-screens, taking that time to dream of the far-flung day when we can all jerk spasmodically at the controls of our futuristic jet fighters.

But you didn't read this review for some facetious Sony-bashing, did you? You did? Well get over it, I've a game to criticise. After all, I may be flogging a dead horse with these PS3 jokes, but Artoon are doing exactly the same thing. Only they're doing it in terms of milking the withered udders of the old-hat martial arts action-adventure genre.

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