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Colony sim Surviving Mars' new Space Race expansion is all about competition

Paradox Interactive has announced Space Race, the first big expansion for its space colony construction and management sim Surviving Mars. It's set to release "soon" on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Space Race takes the core colony building set-up of the base game, and introduces a new competitive twist. You'll no longer be working to establish a thriving colony in isolation; instead, as you expand your own interstellar settlement, other AI colonies will be competing for control of Mars' limited resources, to claim anomalies, and to reach certain progress milestones, all in a bid to become the planet's dominant superpower.

However, while colonies are all in direct competition, a certain degree of interaction may be beneficial. You can, for instance, trade with competitors, respond to their distress calls and issue your own, or even steal their most promising colonists for your own nefarious ends.

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