App of the Day: Superman

App of the Day: Superman

A single bound.

Of all the comic book heroes, it is invariably Superman who ends up with the worst games. There's an inherent problem - how can you build a challenge around a character whose default setting is God mode?

Well, you could make a whole world from blinding fog, as happened with Superman 64, a serious contender for most incompetent game ever made. Or you can forget about it like Superman Returns, and have enemies who can kill him quite easily. Poor as Superman Returns was, however, it had two great ideas - make the flying amazing, and somehow tie Superman's 'health' to the city.

Tiger Games' Superman takes these concepts and soars with them, building a 2D Metropolis that Superman can zoom around and cover in less than a minute, then throwing crisis after crisis at the city rather than the hero. The touch-screen controls are fine, though not quite offering Super Crate Box levels of precision, and one of the two buttons is dedicated entirely to making Superman go faster - whether flying or running.

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