Super Rugby League 2

Super Rugby League 2

Super Rugby League 2

Rugger? Bugger.

Someone, somewhere, is probably ecstatic right now. Not because they've won the lottery. Not even because they've just woken up next to Lucy Pinder. But because they're happy just to know that Super Rugby League 2 even exists. Suffice to say, it's taken its time reaching these fair shores. But is it worth the wait?

Sidhe Interactive's game does its best to follow the Rugby League format as closely as possible. That is, running towards the opposition's try line - leather peanut stowed safely beneath armpit - stopping to let a burley defender tackle/stove your face in, and then repeating until five tackles' worth of play have occurred, at which point things change over and you become the defender while the other team attacks.

Needless to say, it's a game of brute force and aggression. Most of the time you're looking to literally steamroll your way through your opponent's defensive line. And when you're not busy stamping all over your opponents, you're looking to mix things up with a deft spot of passing play, hoping to fool the defence into chasing the wrong man with a clever fake or hand-off.

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