Super Lucky's Tale

Generous and inventive, this 3D platformer is filled with charm.

Super Lucky's Tale review

On the surface, Lucky the fox is a perfect example of why you should never, ever name your kid "Lucky". His debut adventure was tied to the Oculus Rift, which meant that its impact was always going to be pretty limited. Even then, in amongst all those weird treats that defined the first wave of VR, controlling a cartoon fox as he scampered around handicraft 3D worlds collecting stuff didn't have much obvious appeal. And now he's back with Super Lucky's Tale on Xbox and PC, he's run right into Mario Odyssey's release window.

I say on the surface, though, because the big surprise is that Super Lucky's Tale is sort of brilliant.

And it's also not quite the game I was expecting. I'd expected a straight-up port of the Oculus game, which would have been fine because as 3D platformers go it isn't bad at all. Made of felt and wool and other nursery textiles, its simple levels filled with bottom-bouncing and coin hunts were a straightforward delight - albeit one that was enlivened somewhat by the headset, which meant that you could peer in close at the action or lean back to take in a whole level, while your presence in the world might send lanterns swinging as you bumped into them.

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Digital FoundrySuper Lucky's Tale hits 4K 60fps on Xbox One X

Playful's sequel trades VR for ultra HD resolution and gameplay upgrades.

One of many Xbox One console exclusives announced at E3 2017, Playful's Super Lucky's Tale was one of the few titles at the show we can confirm running on Xbox One X hardware. It's targeting native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, it's running on the Unity engine and it's a complete, standalone sequel to an Oculus Rift exclusive. Consider us intrigued.