Super Lemonade Factory

App of the Day: Super Lemonade Factory

Where would video games be without the humble crate? Broad-shouldered marines would have to find something else to crouch behind, bad guys would have to store their munitions in an untidy pile, and pressure-activated mechanisms would remain untriggered.

And, in this post-WWII puzzle-platformer, married protags Andre and Liselot wouldn't be able to negotiate the titular facility in order to get the deeds from Andre's dying father. Actually, Liselot would be fine (being French, she can double-jump) but her beloved would be forever stuck on the ground floor, grasping impotently at platforms beyond the reach of his measly single leap.

Fortunately, there are plenty of small boxes that Liselot can push down to aid her husband's ascent. For his part, Andre can smash through larger crates that block their route and give his wife a piggyback.

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