Start the Party

Start the Party

Start the Party

Move along.

Hey everybody! It's party time! But tonight we're not gonna party like it's 1999, oh no. That's because it's 2010! Today's parties aren't about drinking, dancing and standing around in the kitchen discussing the new Catatonia album! They're about standing around in the lounge, playing videogames! And drinking.

At least, that seems to be the conclusion drawn by every single videogames company in the world ever. Blame the success of Guitar Hero. Blame the popularity of the Wii. Blame the millions of people who purchased Carnival Games (the only explanation is they forgot you're supposed to do the drinking after you've bought the game).

Whatever the reason, there are now 1045 games with the world "party" in the title available on Actually, make that 1046, because here comes Start the Party - Sony's newest contribution to the over-crowded and under-whelming mini-game compilation genre.

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PlayStation Move

We only played everything.

At last, Sony's new motion controller has a name. And it's not Arc or Gem, as you'll know if you read our live text blog or the rumours floating around the internet before the press conference even kicked off. As soon as it was over the audience flocked to the room next door, where Sony had set up 30 demo stations to show off the first batch of PlayStation Move games.