Spyro Shadow Legacy

Spyro: Shadow Legacy

Spyro: Shadow Legacy

Spyro drags on.

Perhaps it's a job for trade descriptions. The box says "Spyro: Shadow Legacy", and nothing else. Platform game then, right? Stick it in the DS, switch it on, wait for the interminably long splash screens to finish their agonizing, glacial display, and then... it's an RPG?

Which could be a delightful surprise - don't get me wrong. But still, when you've got a kajillion kids buying your game because they want to leap the purple dragon around fast-moving worlds, collecting crap, and probably at some point going through an underwater section and then a bit on some clouds, you'd think you'd call this one: Spyro: Shadow Legacy - AN RPG ADVENTURE (that isn't a platform game). And then all those tartrazine-addled ADD-ites will be well-warned to stay away.

Of course, if we're going in for this whole honesty on the box mentality, it should probably go on to say, "(that isn't a platform game, nor indeed a particularly good RPG, or much of anything really, and it's pretty poorly made)", so that everyone wanting to buy it gets fair warning.

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