The Sims 2 Bon Voyage

The History of The Sims

Tiny happy people.

The Sims is 10 years old this week! To celebrate, we're dusting off our long look back at the series from the start of 2008, prior to the release of The Sims 3. For the full picture, make sure to check out our more recent reviews of The Sims 3 and The Sims 3: World Adventures. What's "happy birthday" in simlish?

New Sims 2 expansion

New Sims 2 expansion

Bon Voyage later this year.

Shocking news, Sims 2 fans! A new expansion pack is being primed for release on PC this September, and will go by the name of Bon Voyage.

The latest in the incredibly long line of add-ons for the 2004 title (is it eight or nine now? We've lost count) will allow players to "whisk their Sims away on exciting trips to discover exotic locations, including the Far East, Rustic Mountaintops, and even a Tropical Island," according to EA's press blurb.

Apparently your Sims will be able to "relax and rejuvenate" in various ways, such as "exploring the culture of the Far East, building sand castles, meditating in the Zen garden after a visit to the pool, and camping with the family on a pristine mountaintop". Reciting The Sound of Music and dancing like a Baboon.

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