Shrek SuperSlam

Shrek SuperSlam

Shrek SuperSlam

We're Slammin'.

Time to say hello once again to Shrek, Fiona, DON-KAYYY and all the gang in a new offering from Activision. Unlike previous Shrek games, this one's all about combat, plain and simple - in short, it's a beat-em-up for kids.

And it's a not a bad one at that. Shrek SuperSlam lets you play as a whole host of characters from the movies, plus a few new ones designed specially for the game. In Melee mode, you can battle it out with up to three other players in a series of brightly coloured and well-detailed arenas. They're all based around locations from the film, such as the Gingerbread man's house, the Poison Apple Inn, and the remote castle Donkey shares with his beloved Dragon.

All of the battle arenas feature interactive elements, such as tables that can be chucked at your opponents or doors and windows that can be bashed in. Weapons will appear every now and then - our favourite being the giant leg of ham - and there are also plenty of health potions and the like.

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