Shrek 'n Roll



Game ogre.

How long did it take them to come up with that title? Imagine the conversation. "So, it's a Shrek-themed game where you roll things around. What shall we call it?" "Hmm, I know, Roll Ogre Jackpot! No. Shrek, Rattle and Roll! No. Danny Hear'Say's Amazing Rolling Things Around Game! Wait, I've got it..."

There's no rock in Shrek-N-Roll, but there's an awful lot of rolling. And not a lot else. The principle is simple: two characters are positioned at either end of a plank of wood. You control whether they move the plank up or down using the left and right analogue sticks.

In the middle of a plank is a ball-shaped piece of food. You must move the plank up the length of a tower, raising and lowering the characters at either end to send the food rolling left or right.

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