Saturday Morning RPG

App of the Day: Saturday Morning RPG

Nostalgia's a powerful weapon, and Mighty Rabbit's pixelated gem Saturday Morning RPG is armed to the teeth. For any TV-addled child of the 80s, this knowing trip down memory lane should be utterly compelling; a turn-based RPG based in and around a fictional cartoon world, with barely a minute passing without some nod or wink to our misspent youths sat cross-legged in front of the family telly.

The other thing with nostalgia, though, is that it can play tricks on you. Thankfully, Saturday Morning RPG has more than just mindless reverence under its blocky hat. You play as Marty, a typical nerd-turned-hero underdog, who gets sucked into the latest episode of his favourite generic action animation as he drifts off to sleep. Soon, he finds himself doing battle with the odious Commander Hood, a dastardly type who's kidnapped Marty's sweetheart and charged a pack of armed guards to stop our hero from ever getting her back.

Good job, then, that Fred Savage's Nintendo-powered superhero The Wizard is on hand to give Marty the confidence and strength he needs to fight back against the Hood army and rescue his good lady. And with this being the world of 80s cartoons, there's no better way than to do this than good old-fashioned fisticuffs.

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