Rock Revolution

Rock Revolution

Rock Revolution

Should not be televised.

No one sets out to make a bad game, or so the saying goes. But sometimes someone seems to have set out to make a game in the shortest time and with the smallest budget possible, just to cash in on the latest trend. They might not mean to make a bad game, but it's hard to make a good one for four pounds in three days. Games companies aren't stupid; they know this. However, games companies are companies; they don't give a toss.

You can guess where this is going. Rock Revolution is Konami's contribution to the craze for music games, and it's rubbish. It's an unoriginal, watered-down mess that doesn't even have some of the features you'd expect as standard. Rock Revolution is to Rock Band what Panda Pops is to Pepsi, what Lewisham is to Las Vegas, what Richard Blackwood is to Will Smith. It's being promised dinner at the Ivy with Elton John, and getting an egg sandwich on the forecourt of a Travelodge with Daniel Bedingfield.

Unlike other, better music games, Rock Revolution doesn't have its own set of instruments. You can buy a special drum kit for it in the States, but that doesn't appear to be available here. The good news is you can use Guitar Hero and Rock Band controllers to play the game instead. The bad news is you'd have more fun using your Guitar Hero and Rock Band controllers to batter yourself to death.

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360 instruments also cross-compatible

Guitar Hero and Rock Band learn to share.

Microsoft has said Xbox 360 instrument peripherals for Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Revolution will all be compatible across all three games.

Konami sues Harmonix and MTV

Claims Rock Band violates patents.

Konami has filed a lawsuit against Harmonix, MTV and Viacom, claiming music game Rock Band infringes on its patents.

Konami plans Rock Revolution

Unveils Rock Band, Guitar Hero challenger.

Konami has opened its case and revealed Rock Revolution, a peripheral-based rhythm game for 360, PS3, Wii and DS.