Ridge Racer 6 Features

Ridge Racer 6

Enough drive?

Visually, Ridge Racer 6 serves as a bit of a cautionary tale. You can give developers all the horsepower in the world, but it's the artists that have to make the world look nice.

Ridge Racer 6

Over the hill?

The problem with Ridge Racer is that you're never sure whether Namco's going to show up. Ridge Racer's PSP debut was patched together in record time, but turned out to be one of the most accomplished and fine-tuned of the handheld's launch titles - still to be eclipsed in the PSP arcade racing stakes nearly a year after we first played it. But R: Racing was dull. Ridge Racer 5 didn't live up to its billing. And Ridge Racer DS was some sort of appalling joke with my money as the punchline.