Restricted Area

Restricted Area

Restricted Area

Police Warning: Do not bother to cross.

"Hello misses."

Hello indeed. This glorious legend represents the very first spoken words in RPG-lite Restricted Area, (should you be playing as one of the two available female characters). Typos are not the be-all and end-all of civilisation (that honour goes to incorrectly used apostrophes), but their inclusion is never a good sign. Opening with one - that achieves ‘omen' status.

A quick look at the credits, and a lot of immediate questions are answered. Questions such as, "How does this cyber-punk Diablo clone manage to look and feel quite so much like an average Atari ST title?" and, "How can a development team have made this many mistakes, this poorly?" Flip through the manual and find the credits page, turn over to find where the rest of them must be, turn back confused, and realise that Restricted Area really is the work of just two guys. German developers Master Creating (maybe it makes more sense in German) are Martin Jassing and Jan Beuck, two men, on their own, who've worked really hard to create a commercial videogame. Not a faceless corporate entity toward whom it is easy to direct scorn and criticism, but a couple of regular guys. So we go easy on them, right? It's not fair to measure their game up against the $10 million projects that rival it, surely? Sorry - it doesn't work that way.

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