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One of the more heartening aspects of the continuing spate of GameCube re-issues on Wii is that it has given developers the chance to tweak games for the better. However mercenary Nintendo's New Play Control range initially appeared, there's no question that it's been an outright success, with the Pikmin games and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat given the thumbs up, while, shortly, the Metroid Prime titles will also benefit from an overhauled control system. Go Nintendo!

Another GameCube classic that we're definitely happy to have back is Resident Evil. Already a remake when it came out in 2002, Capcom was lauded for the way it brought its survival horror masterpiece up to date, with stunning visuals that enhanced the already creepy atmosphere no end. There are few better examples of the original old-school survival horror template in the genre, and hopes were that Capcom would perhaps go back and make an already great game even better with this second update. Enhanced controls? Surround sound? Widescreen? Having tweaked Resident Evil 4 to great effect for its Wii release two years ago, was it too much to ask for similar treatment?

Apparently so. Sadly, this mid-price offering is simply the old GameCube version in almost completely unaltered form. So, widescreen TV owners, that means playing in bordered 4:3, with stereo sound, and Wii remote support as opposed to enhancement.

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