Quake Arena Arcade

John Carmack recounts Quake

Seminal shooter 15 today.

id Software wizard John Carmack has recounted the experience of creating Quake, the seminal first-person shooter that turns 15 today.

Quake Arena Arcade

Quake Arena Arcade

Rocket fool.

Quake III Arena, from which this Xbox Live Arcade port is derived, popularised many of the conventions and much of the terminology of the contemporary first-person shooter: everything from brown corridors to the term 'deathmatch'. And yet, sitting down with id Software's shooter concentrate 11 years after its debut, it's curious just how different a multiplayer experience it offers to its descendants.

That's partly thanks to its sheer speed. Quake Arena Arcade is all about split-second prediction-making. In Black Ops, rounding a corner into the arms of a foe is a game of who can squeeze the trigger first. But here, thanks to the speed at which players move, anticipation is more important than fight-or-flight reaction: firing a rocket ten metres to the left of an opponent who is travelling at breakneck speed in the hope that it will hit the target mid-sprint.

If Modern Warfare and Battlefield are about making opportunities and then taking shots, Quake Arena Arcade is about the science of expectation. It's a machine gun volley of estimation challenges, designed to test your foresight. Here, accuracy is only the second most important skill after twitch prophecy, and as a result, the game offers thrills of a different character to the modern FPS.

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Q3A and Doom II XBLA at QuakeCon

Both playable, so both out soon hopefully.

The long-awaited Xbox Live Arcade port of Quake III Arena - Quake Arena Arcade - is on show at QuakeCon in playable form, suggesting an impending release.

QuakeCon 2007 Conference Report

Rage, Wolf movie, Quake Zero, and two hours of John Carmack.

id Software finally unveiled its new game, Rage, and made a number of crowd-pleasing announcements during a densely packed QuakeCon press conference led by CEO Todd Hollenshead and the show's keynote address from John Carmack.

Quake Arena coming to XBLA

Doom did well then.

id Software has announced that its next project for Xbox Live Arcade is called Quake Arena Arcade, based on the ever popular Quake 3 Arena FPS.