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The games pitching for perfection in 2009.

Yesterday we talked you through our 2009 picks for Indie and Esoterica, which is us at our most self-indulgent, so today we turn to what will be some of the biggest and most profitable games of 2009. Quality, after all, is not anathema to profit.

Atari announces new Mizuguchi game

Atari announces new Mizuguchi game

Plus Rez/Lumines/E4 compilation disc.

Q Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi is developing a new Wii music game for Atari, the publisher said today. The game currently goes by the working title "QJ".

Atari, which is holding a winter press event this afternoon, also just announced that it plans to release a boxed compilation disc consisting of Rez HD, Lumines Live and Every Extend Extra Extreme including all available downloadable content.

The Xbox 360 release will be known as Q3 - pronounced "Cubed" - and will retail for around EUR 30 upon release.

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