Pure Football


Pure Football

Soccer and see.

VideoPure Football - Gallahs vs. Turkey

Tom's team of weirdoes in a 5min match.

VideoPure Football - Golden Goal match

Tom's mighty Gallahs triumph.

VideoPure Football's launch trailer

A stealthy release from Ubisoft.

Key events

3rd June 2010

Pure Football

26th March 2010

Pure Football - Trailer

Pure Football

Pure Football

Soccer and see.

Pure Football has a theory. The theory goes that somewhere out there in the wild, gated communities of Esher there exists a sub-culture of professional football players who, rather than accepting defeat after matches, send each other text messages that say things like, "We wuz robbed. Rematch on Sunday. No referee."

It's hard to imagine that this sub-culture exists anyway (after all, most footballers are too busy with their other sub-cultures of golf, Ladbrokes and sexual violence), but Pure Football doesn't exactly sell it very well.

The introductory cut-scene, flown in from 2002, made me physically recoil in embarrassment despite an enjoyable cameo from Steven Gerrard's face (apparently on loan from a child's drawing of the Incredible Hulk, unless there's a subtext about overcoming the adversity of severe anaphylactic shock that I somehow missed). "Are you tough enough?" you're then asked.

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Ubisoft to tackle skate and football

Shaun White, Pure Football this year.

Ubisoft has announced that it'll be making its entry into two more sports game genres this year with Shaun White Skateboarding and Pure Football.