Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies

Pride and Prejudice review

Pride and Prejudice review

Gordon Bennet.

What is your shameful gaming secret? Everyone's got one. Perhaps you've never played Halo. Maybe you think Dishonored is a bit depressing. Or perhaps you harbour a dark sexual fantasy involving Waluigi and Dr Robotnik, or that woman out of Final Fantasy with the rabbit ears, or all three.

Here is my secret shame: I had to look up a walkthrough for Pride and Prejudice.

That's Pride and Prejudice the "hidden object puzzle adventure", as it's described on the box, not Pride and Prejudice the novel. (As an English Literature graduate I possess an in-depth knowledge of Austen's work, having spent most of 1998 watching Clueless and Bridget Jones's Diary on VHS.)

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