Pocket Stables

Pocket Stables review

Trawling the Google Play store from an Android phone can be a deflating experience. As shop fronts go, it's poorly designed, ineptly curated, and the vast majority of its game apps are late-arriving ports of iOS hits. Android might be one of the biggest potential markets for games, but Apple's App Store is where the really good stuff is found. Piracy is so rife that I can't blame developers for not bothering - but that doesn't make the situation any less disappointing.

So Kairosoft's Android presence is a welcome anomaly. Here is a publisher that regularly releases its games first on Google Play before porting them to Apple devices - if it even bothers with the latter at all. There are a number of Kairosoft games you can't get on the App Store at present, and Pocket Stables is one of the latest to roll off an efficient production line that churns out addictive little time sinks every month or so.

In this instance, however, we Android users have no excuse to lord it over our Jobs-worshipping counterparts. Pocket Stables is Kairosoft's worst game to date - and given the developer's remarkable consistency, that's interesting in itself.

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