Pathway to Glory Ikusa Islands

Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands

Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands

Last hurrah for the N-Gage?

So, what is this wrongly shaped device I've got here? It's a Nokia N-Gage QD, and it's, yes, a rather oddly styled machine. In fact, it makes me wonder what exactly Nokia was thinking when it envisioned the N-Gage.

I also find it surprising that anybody is still creating games for the N-Gage; at least until I discover that actually, no, nobody really is, and this is just a sequel to a first-party, apparently highly-regarded turn-based strategy game. Of course, I say 'highly regarded', but I personally know nobody who has played it. But there you are.

But then I think, why I am thinking these things at all? My task is to review Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands, not to review the N-Gage itself; the flaws of the N-Gage are already well known. But then, I think, a game console's limitations are a critical part of whether one will enjoy playing a game. And indeed, the flimsy control buttons, the tiny screen, the unit's unwieldy form factor, and its tendency to repeatedly shout "Out of Memory: Close all applications to continue playing" all conspire to detract fun from the game.

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