NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits

NyxQuest dev on why it turned down publisher offers to make a sequel

Fancy Pants Adventures and NyxQuest developer Over the Top Games is self-publishing its upcoming voodoo-themed roguelike Full Mojo Rampage, but prior to that it had been working on a couple of since-cancelled projects that received offers from publishers. The problem was the contracts for these were so undesirable that the Spanish indie studio decided it was better to cut its losses, reduce the company size, and focus on self-publishing its next game instead.

One of these shelved games was a sequel to NyxQuest, the Greek mythology-themed side-scrolling platformer. While the first NyxQuest was designed for Wii and later iOS, Over the Top wanted to make a sequel for 3DS. The studio spent two years shopping around a prototype of the sequel, but found publishers weren't willing to finance a game tailored for one platform.

"The thing with publishers is they want to make games for all the platforms since the cost for them is small," said Over the Top co-founder Roberto de Lara. "In terms of designing the game, it was difficult for us because it's not the same with a normal 360 controller than it is with the stylus, or a touchscreen, or a Wii controller."

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Three WiiWare demos released

Darklord, NyxQuest, Bit.Trip Beat.

Nintendo has made good on its promise to release demos of WiiWare games by uploading three of them to the European Wii Shop.

WiiWare Roundup

WiiWare Roundup

NyxQuest plus two Final Fantasy spin-offs.

Those who once held out hope for Nintendo’s WiiWare service as an outlet for charming, offbeat and innovative games might well be sobbing into their lacy handkerchiefs. While there’s no shortage of games available now, the prices remain prohibitively high and quality is an often secondary concern.

There are, however, some notable titles loitering in amongst the incomprehensible brawlers and bafflingly simplistic Wii Sports rip-offs. Here’s our pick of the more interesting efforts from the last few months.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord

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