NASCAR 2008: Chase for the Cup

NASCAR 08: Chase for the Cup

NASCAR 08: Chase for the Cup

Stop the race, I want to get off.

Every so often a game falls into Kristan's hands that has him falling back on trickery, charm, promises, threats and so on to get someone to review it (not all at once, Oblivion fans). But I was pretty happy to get Nascar 08. I was curious. I mean, I've never played a Nascar game before, and I couldn't figure out how it was that EA had successfully built a series about driving for dozens and dozens of miles and only ever taking gentle left turns. What was their secret? Turns out it's this: make the left turns really, really, really hard.

After trying and failing and trying and failing the very first challenge in the game for twenty minutes I started wondering if there was anything I could do to help myself, even firing up the Nascar wikipedia page (a third of which, incidentally, is made up of criticisms of Nascar) to see if there was some secret driving technique I was missing.

If you even want to race a championship in The Chase mode, the nearest thing Nascar 08 has to a career mode, you need a car specific to the event you want to race in. To get that car you need to win a few test races with it. But to enter those test races you need a license to race in that event, and to do that you need to beat 10 challenges specific to that event. And I couldn't do the first, which has you maintaining a minimum speed through two long, banking curves, on the easiest setting and going for a bronze medal.

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