Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express is, of course, a famous novel by Agatha Christie. Probably her most famous, in fact. As with many acclaimed authors, everyone knows the big name stories, and yet there are often more obscure books penned which can be the true classics. I'll bet you've never read the lesser known GBH on the Gatwick Express, or experienced the powerfully woven narrative of Attempted Fare Dodging on the Stirling to Glasgow Sprinter.

This point and click murder-mystery is The Adventure Company's second PC adaptation of a Christie novel, the first being And Then There Were None. Murder on the Orient Express follows the same design template in that it sticks quite closely to the book's plot and characters, but with some notable differences and tweaks to the ending, so that those familiar with the tale don't know everything from the outset.

Last year's And Then There Were None certainly had its problems, the biggest of which was the lack of any real meat to the dialogue or questioning process. Unfortunately, Murder carries on the bad work in this respect. Every conversation you have with a suspect merely involves clicking on all the options and listening. There's no branching dialogue tree, you can't offend or really interact with people in any meaningful way, it doesn't even matter what order you ask the questions in. You may as well have a cut-scene play the relevant dialogue each time you approach a character.

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