Microprose Soccer

Microprose Soccer

Microprose Soccer

Sensible Soccer mk1.

A homage to arcade footy sensation Tehkan World Cup (the one with the trackball), this top-down stab at the beautiful game was, in effect, the original Sensible Soccer and provided C64 fans with one of the most technically impressive games ever released on the ageing home computer.

Predating Sensible's more famous football game by almost four years, the option to play an indoor or outdoor version (on either side of the disk or tape) made this especially appealing, and great value for money. In raw gameplay terms, Microprose Soccer was a deliberately comical affair, with no attempt to provide anything even approaching the 'realism' found later games.

With a disproportionately large match ball, hilariously over-the-top banana shots, exaggerated sliding tackles and thunder storms liable to cause chaos in the middle of a match, games were often more memorable for what went wrong rather than how many goals were scored.

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