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Expert shortcutting on EGTV.

Those of you trying to get the most out of Mercury Meltdown - Ignition's excellent new PSP puzzle title - might want to cast an eye over a few exclusive new videos on Eurogamer TV.

Mercury Meltdown

Mercury Meltdown, like its nearly excellent predecessor, is that most gamey of things: a perfection puzzler. Played out a bit like a triathlon where you have to do everything at once, the idea is to manoeuvre a little blob of liquid metal around a maze suspended in the sky, without letting any of the blob slip off the side, while collecting little sparkling stars, and all within a time limit.

You don't have to do all those things at once, but your final score for the level will probably be higher if you do. Either way, you end up working through each level as many times as it takes to get everything squared away, at which point the little test-tube that represents the level you're on in the "lab" hub will fill up, have a star stamped on the front and receive a cork - with a golden stopper for those of you who can top the scoreboards, too. You won't want to give up on a level until you've made it, and then you'll load up the next one and do the same because you can't stop. In that sense, it's probably more of a simultriathlon for nandrolone addicts (although, in this case, the lab results are points of pride, obviously).

The first Mercury was, by the developer's own admission, rushed to meet the PSP's European launch deadline, and as a result some elements were a bit wonky. The controls were, and still are, absolutely great - the analogue nub gives you excellent fine control of the mercury blob, which is governed by consistent physics. But the camera, which could only pivot round four points using the face buttons, often made it hard to get a good view of the action, while a combination of frustrating difficulty spikes and an unforgiving structure meant that progress sometimes ground to a halt. It can only have been a select few who saw all of the game's 84 levels.

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Mercury 2 PSP demo

With new 2.8 firmware.

Sony Japan has released a Japanese PSP demo version of Mercury Meltdown along with new firmware for its shiny handheld.

Mercury Meltdown


Mercury is very bad for you. Not just very bad for you like alcohol, or dousing your crotch in oil and then dry-humping a fire, but mega-ultra-seriously bad for you. Even the American government, famously quite protective of things that cause massive amounts of harm (cf. guns, cigarettes, Tony Snow), declared in 1990 that mercury is a toxic pollutant that must be controlled to the greatest possible extent.

Ignition talks Mercury 3

Next-gen possibilities.

Ignition Studio Manager Edward Bradley reckons that Mercury could end up on next-gen game consoles as well as its current PSP home - and hasn't ruled out the possibility of it turning up on Xbox Live Arcade either.

Mercury Meltdown

The sequel. Butter whole lot better.

Ignition's Studio Manager Edward Bradley has just come back into the room to find me crashing his new game, Mercury Meltdown. Whoops.

Mercury rising once again

Sequel to PSP puzzler coming.

Ignition has announced that a sequel to Archer Maclean's Mercury is coming to PSP this autumn, releasing some new screenshots into the bargain.