MediEvil: Resurrection

MediEvil: Resurrection

MediEvil: Resurrection

Dan to death.

Sometimes you can extract great comfort from a lack of change, and usually the older you get the more resistant to change you become. But in the world of videogames, change is everything. Without it, the audience gets extremely bored very quickly indeed, and moves onto games made by companies that succeed in pushing things forward in ways that make things more entertaining for us. (Well, perhaps our audience does anyway.) Cutting straight through the usual introductory paragraph pondering, Sony's Cambridge Studio still appears to wish it was 1999, when ordinary little hackandslash 3D action-adventures like MediEvil won awards.

But it is definitely not 1999 (we checked), and in terms of innovation the past six years have witnessed a lifetime of new ideas; some of which render even the best games of the era redundant. We're demanding creatures, and, to be fair, so we should be: that's what we're here for.

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