Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest

Medieval Moves Review

Medieval Moves Review

Horrible histories?

The paradox of motion gaming is that as the technology frees the player from the tyranny of buttons and sticks, it constricts the developer in terms of what can realistically be done on-screen. Between the binary comfort of a button press and the thousands of incremental movements of the human body, there's a chasm where accepted game design ideas are easily lost.

That's why so many motion-controlled games are so simple. Better to let the player do one thing with reasonable consistency than push the boundaries and leave them flailing hopelessly in a quagmire of living-room embarrassment.

Medieval Moves, a budget release from Sports Champions developer Zindagi Games, plays it very safe indeed. In fact, its two most heavily used gameplay components have been lifted wholesale from Sports Champions and dressed up in fantasy clothing.

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