Jagex on RuneScape, MechScape and FunOrb

Mark Gerhard and Henrique Olifiers talk up the UK's biggest publisher.

You may never have heard of RuneScape, but the free-to-play MMO has over 10 million players and has made Jagex a lot of money. So much, in fact, that the company employs around 400 people across two Cambridge studios (and one London branch) and claims to be one of the biggest online publishers not only in the UK, but in the whole of Europe.

Jagex reveals first MechScape details

Jagex reveals first MechScape details

"Completely different" to any MMO.

Jagex has revealed the very first details of ambitious, multi-million pound MMO MechScape, which will ditch XP and skills and be "completely different" from any other game out there.

"MechScape started as a project three-and-a-half years ago, in January 2006, when the company convinced itself it was secure with MMOs with the success of RuneScape and said, 'OK, it's time for us to try another one from scratch and make it the way that we always wanted it to be - learning from all the lessons and experience of RuneScape,'" chief designer Henrique Olifiers told Eurogamer.

"From the beginning we didn't want to make another RuneScape: it can't be another fantasy game, so no more elves no more, no more orcs, no more dragons."

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